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© 2023 by Heather Harper Ellett

"An auspicious debut. Ellett balances the goofiness of the crimes and setting with some effective storytelling, never letting the real emotional stakes for the characters get obscured. Carl Hiaasen fans will find a lot to like."


"One of the greatest joys of this debut is its literary sensibility, setting it apart from genre." 


"This debut novel is most notable for Ellett’s supremely witty prose and the oddball but deeply relatable characters. Readers looking for a fresh, offbeat voice in the mystery genre will find it here."


"Good plot material, and the author handles it with skill. And humor. Harper Ellett is also after a poetic affect, and she displays considerable talent. Readers who would like their Bill Crider or Terry Shames served with a hard edge of irony will be at home here."


"Funny, heartfelt, and suspenseful, AIN’T NOBODY NOBODY is terrific from the first page to the last. Grab it.”

 —MEG GARDINER, Edgar Award-winning author of the UNSUB series

"The dark poetry of East Texas has found a new, lyrical voice in Heather Harper Ellett's debut book, Ain't Nobody Nobody, where the landscape is as feral and potentially deadly as the predators that inhabit it; and where love and loyalty can prove as dangerous as greed and betrayal."  

—KATHLEEN KENT, Edgar-nominated author of The Dime

"...a raw ode to East Texas and an authentic portrayal of the brutal, compassionate, hardscrabble way of life of the impoverished south. With wry humour and keen insight into human nature, Ellett deftly weaves a tale of murder, family, and honour." 


"The complicated and flawed Mayhill makes a wonderful protagonist. Mayhill may be the main protagonist, but the entire county is populated by delightfully offbeat characters, most of whom just want to be left alone. Ellett’s fine twist at the end pulls all these disparate dreamers together."